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  • Wow, what an amazing course! I recently did Mandy’s Email Liberation Course, and it’s made me think so differently about how I manage my emails. The ideas are simple to implement, and are making such a difference – I wish I had met Mandy at the beginning of my business journey as the amount of time I would have saved is amazing. I am definitely reaping the benefits of Mandy’s vast knowledge and experience. Thank you.

    1. Mandy Healey Mandy Healey Post author

      Thank you Sian. I am delighted you found the course helpful. I will send you the details of the time management course you requested later. Thank you for your support and interest in my work.

  • Avatar Karen

    I have recently completed Mandy’s course on email liberation. I highly recommend it if you are feeling overwhelmed by your inboxes. The simple and effective ideas Mandy introduced me to are having a huge impact on how organised I feel every day. Thank you Mandy. Everyone with an inbox should definitely do this course.

    1. Mandy Healey Mandy Healey Post author

      That’s amazing. Thank you Karen. I am delighted you have made a huge impact on on how organised you feel, after the course. Credit to you for taking action and great to hear it’s worked for you. Thank you for your support and interest in my work.

  • Avatar Sarah Evans

    I recently attended Mandy’s email liberation course. I can highly recommend both Mandy and the course. Not only did Mandy have a wealth of knowledge and experience, she’s also a really lovely person. I found that the course has had such a positive impact on my work, it really has saved me so much time. I now have a perfectly organised EMPTY inbox. I am working far more efficiently no longer searching for and reading the same emails over and over again.

    1. Mandy Mandy

      Thank you Sarah. I am so proud to hear about your perfectly organised ‘EMPTY’ inbox. You have seen the benefits because of your positive attitude to embrace the tips. It is heart warming to hear how well this worked for you and I hope it helps bring continued success in your reputable and friendly business.

  • Avatar Manjula

    Mandy shared so much useful and readily usable tactics to get on top of my overflowing email inbox…and I’ve managed to stay in this new liberated state for longer than ever before. Feels like a huge weight off my shoulders – which means more time for effort where it’s needed in my business. I recommend this great value for money investment.

    1. Mandy Mandy

      Thank you Manjula and I am delighted to hear about your newly liberated state. I am at my happiest when clients describe weight being lifted off their shoulders. I am also over the moon to hear you are reinvested the time you are saving into continued success for your business. Great news all round.

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