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6 Reviews on “Indelible IP”

6 reviews
  • I consulted Michelle about our trademark and intellectual property in general …and now have a clear plan to develop this going forward in a way that fits our business goals. Michelle’s knowledge is immense and her knowledge has saved me lots of time and money by focusing on what matters most and avoiding unecessary actions and potentially expensive mistakes. If you’re in business you need to chat with Michelle!

    1. Avatar Michelle Ward

      Thank you Neil. I’m glad you found it useful.

  • Avatar Leanne Bird

    Michelle has undertaken two successful trade mark applications for me. The first one was for a brand going to be used for a club, but with the potential to expand to other services. When I approached Michelle with my initial idea, she very sensitively but professionally informed me that it would be unlikely to be successful due to a famous club having the same name. She quickly got me up to speed on what I needed to consider – including which classes I needed to consider – and off I went coming up with a new name.

    Once I had an idea, Michelle ran a few checks and highlighted potential issues and ways to overcome this to give greater confidence in the application. Following the initial application, we got a note from the examiner noting what they saw as potential conflicts, offering for us to make amendments. After a brief discussion, with Michelle’s advice we made a couple of amendments which resulted in the examiner reducing the number of trade mark holders about the application – good news.

    After the statutory period, I was pleased to receive an email from Michelle to say that my application had be successful and I was now the proud owner of the trademark ‘Blue Freedom’.

    I was so impressed with Michelle that when I needed to register a trademark for another business – I went straight to Michelle for support. Familiar with the process I was able to get the name down to something that she could consider. Again, with a few amendments following the examiner report, an application went in and I successfully secured ‘Kudu’.

    Throughout the process Michelle responded swiftly, communicated well, made sure I understood everything, gave brilliant advice and was very professional. It is clear that Michelle is very knowledgeable in her area and I would trust her with any trademark. More than that though, Michelle is very good at communicating, meaning I understood the process at all times, and why certain names were likely to be a waste of time.

    Yes, I could have completed the applications myself. However, it is very unlikely that I a) would have got the applications through and b) if I had that they would have covered everything I needed. After understanding the process even more now, instead of thinking I could do it myself, I know that to get it right you need someone with knowledge and experience of the system, and I know for me that will always be Michelle.

    1. Avatar Michelle Ward

      Thank you Leanne. Have loved working on your brand protection.

  • Avatar Jodie Read

    Michelle has recently helped us to secure the trademark for a new compliance service ‘The Protect Alliance (UK)’ and made the process really hassle free. Michelle explained the process and timelines accurately and everything happened as she said. Having made the application for the first trademark so easy, we have now submitted another application via Michelle to trademark the associated logo.

    I would happily recommend Michelle’s services to anyone who needs help submitting applications to the Intellectual Property Office. There is no way that I could have processed anything myself with the speed and ease that Michelle did!

    Thanks again Michelle!

    1. Avatar Michelle Ward

      Thank you Jodie. Glad we have been able to help with getting this sorted for you.

  • I have spoken with Michelle on several queries and she is always there and brings peace of mind, knowing that I can depend on her and her advise. Certainly recommend, give her a call

    1. Avatar Michelle Ward

      Thanks Karl. Always happy to see if I can help.

  • Avatar Andrea Newton

    Changing from a geographically limited name, we realised the brand name would potentially be at risk in our industry and wanted to future proof the business branding. We contacted Michelle following a recommendation from the company who created our new logo.

    Michelle helped with the selection of Classes that we applicable for the required trademark and made the application on our behalf. A short while later Michelle received an objection from a US attorney whose client was about to launch products and services in the UK. They believed our proposed trademark was too similar to their own and wrote to request we withdraw the application.

    Michelle’s expertise allowed us to make an informed decision on whether to withdraw or proceed with the application for our Classes. We decided to stop the application, cease using the name and accept the compensation offered for all associated costs. Michelle dealt with the matter entirely.

    We revisited our list of business name choices and selected another which unfortunately is unlikely to be successful in a trademark application.

    Michelle was very easy to work with and responded to queries promptly. I would not hesitate in recommending Indelible IP to any other business looking to protect their business.

    1. Avatar Michelle Ward

      Thank you Andrea. So pleased we were able to help guide you through this one.

  • Avatar Sian

    Michelle has recently assisted me in registering a trademark following on from a trademark search to ensure there wasn’t already something too similar already registered.

    Michelle kept me informed throughout the process having explained what was going to happen so I was always aware of where we were in the process.

    Michelle went above and beyond when the registration finally came through late on a Friday, as although she had finished for the week, she contacted me to let me know that it had been approved, and I would get the paperwork through after the weekend.

    I highly recommend anyone who is looking at registering a trademark to have a discussion with Michelle as she is professional from start to finish and extremely knowledgeable on all things IP!

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