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5 Reviews on “Anxious to Zen”

5 reviews
  • I attended Dan’s workshop on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for workplace teams and it was extremely enlightening and useful in expanding my understanding of how the mind operates in our everday experience of life and work. I can recommend anyone interested in enhancing their psychological flexibility and/or supporting their team’s wellbeing to speak to Dan.

  • Mandy Healey Mandy Healey

    I recently attended one of Dan’s Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) sessions, to learn about psychological flexibility. Anyone who has any kind of anxiety themselves, or supports colleagues or family and friends with anxiety, would benefit from chatting to Dan. He harnesses his own experiences as well as extensive research and study, to understand how the mind works and how to make positive changes. Chatting to Dan, I have gleaned insights that are helping me cope with a specific type of anxiety that is so much better thanks to Dan. He helps people break the cycle of anxious thoughts, offering an alternative that is transformational. I wish I had known Dan when I managed a large team and supported colleagues with acute, repetitive anxiety. I highly recommend Dan’s sessions

  • Avatar Wayne Evans

    I recently attended an introduction to ACT programme by Dan. The concepts were new to me, but have certainly left me wanting to learn more. Dan’s teaching was thorough (having used the concepts himself) and was meticulous in delivering them. His delivery was relaxed and at the right speed.

    On completion, he kindly provided a short PDF (a summary of the course) to remind what to do to stay calm going forward.

    Highly recommended. Thanks Dan.

  • Avatar Karl O'Dare

    It is an honour to work with Daniel Farmer at Anxious to zen. Dan has a passion to help people, listens and explains things well.
    Dan has a drive and ambition to support others and help people along the way.
    It’s a privilege to know Dan.

  • Avatar Joshua Good

    I have attended Dans ACT training sessions on 3 different occasions, twice in person and once online. Dan’s life experiences and putting the ACT principles in to practice adds authenticity to his presentations. These sessions bring to light many thought provoking topics and has definitely helped me deal with difficult situations in my personal life. I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone. Well done Dan, keep up the incredible work

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